Twitter Page SEO: 5 Tips To Optimize Your Twitter Profile Page - Part 2

ImagePreviously we have talked about how to optimize your Twitter page with Name, Username, and the More Info URL in 5 Tips to Optimize Your Twitter Page - Part 1. For those of you who have been sticking with me from the previous post, this is Part 2. 

Tip 4: Flood Your One Line Bio with Keywords While Maintaining Natural Readability!

OK, this one is easy. Use as many keyword (both broad and long tail keywords) as u could, however it is very important to maintain natural readability. Unlike optimizing the Title Tag and Description Meta Tag that you already have Title Tag to demonstrate the keyword discretely and your Description Tag will then have to emphasize on making it natural writing, however Title of the Twitter page SERP results have already been occupied by Name and Username. Therefore, it shouldn't be too hard selling putting your keywords in a descrete manner. However SERP algorithm in most serach engines are sophisticated enough that over doing anything pretty much will be penalized these days. So beware not to just repeat the same keyword over and over again. Even if it may help, still, won't give you much traffic simply because it is ANNOYING!

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