Social Media Marketing

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More Social Media Facts - Media Convergence 2009

Xplane, a famous information design company, joined force with Economist Magazine to have created this insightful and remarkable video for The Third Annual Media Convergence Forum with latest statistics on various area of media and technology convergence, and audience behavior in this digital world. Naked facts of Media Convergence in 2009... and 25 yrs from now on.

How Does Facebook's Twitter-like @ Mentions Help To Boost Exposure?

Twitter and FacebookReported by Mashable, "@Mention Facebook’s most Twitter-like feature yet – the ability to include other users in messages using the “@” symbol – is now live". This is a new feature that tweeples are very familiar with, however definitely something new for facebook only users. There have been enough buzz in the sphere about this exciting new feature among the Facebook users. I can assure you though it is far more exciting for marketers around the world.

"What The F**K Is Social Media" Marketing?

"What The F**K Is Social Media" Marketing?I was just chatting with a friend who works for marketing in a large multi-national recruitment network. Apparently her boss (or her boss's boss...) have been hearing enough buzz about social media marketing (or Twitter?) that her companies wants her to help sourcing a sound social media marketing solution.

Although that's pretty much happening in every company which takes Marketing seriously, still got me thinking if there is an easier way to explain what social media marketing is all about. So I started a little searching of my own too, and that's how in got into this brilliant presentation "What the F**K is Social Media: One Year Later".

Twitter Job Search: CareerTimes Make Job Seeking Available on Twitter in Hong Kong

CareerTimes Make Job Seeking Available on Twitter in Hong KongCareerTimes, one of the largest web recruitment networks in Hong Kong recently announced that they are on Twitter and will be feeding Job Opening Tweets for global talents. They are the first Hong Kong recruitment networks that make job seeking available on Twitter.

Most of you must be in a way familiar with web recruitment services like CareerTimes, either as a job seeker or as an employer. Careertimes is now offering a series of twitter accounts that provides categorized job openings feeding to your twitter.

Will Seesmic Desktop Over Take Tweetdeck With Latest Facebook "Add Comment" API Feature?

Will Seesmic Desktop Over Take Tweetdeck With Latest Facebook "Add Comment" API It has always been a tough fight between Seesmic's Desktop and Tweetdeck in the past few weeks, and they both seem to entertain the groups of people alright with their niches. This scenario however, is going to change overnite when Facebook released their Facebook Open Stream API.

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