Twitter Page SEO: 5 Tips To Optimize Your Twitter Profile Page - Part 1

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ImageTwitter pages have their own page rank too in Google, so it is important to do this 5 mins drill better utilize your Twitter page.This article is based on the assumption that you have done your keyword research and you have a beautiful keyword (broad or long tail) at hand already before you start optimizing your twitter page. Bear with me though, that you would rather optimize your Twitter page with a single keyword (incl. long tail) simply because there is no room to optimize for another.  You may be wondering what Keyword Research is, and how it should be performed. Keyword Research is a monster. It is the key of the house, heart of a body in ALL SEO practices. It could take days to explain to you what Keyword Research is and how they should be carried out, but I think we’d better leave that to another article on than wrapping it up in a few lines.

Tip 1: Use Search Engine Friendly Keywords in Twitter Name

Ok, don’t get it wrong. It is Name that we are talking about here, not the username, yet. Optimizing your Name for your Twitter page is very important. Not only that it will be shown on the Twitter Timeline, it will also be used on SERP of all major search engines. And since that you can practically use any characters or language in this field including space and other language characters, make sure you include your keyword (broad or long tail) from your keyword research in your local language (the language you are going tweet in). It also helps identifying what language your tweets are going to be in without having to click into your profile, thus a faster and more no brainer decision for others to add you. Don’t think that it is not important, I did add a few people because of their self-explanatory Twitter Name or Username.

Tip 2: Use Reader Friendly Keywords in Twitter Username

A Twitter username can consist of only numbers (0-9), letters (A-Z) and underscores (_). It immediately makes it very difficult to optimize Twitter page, however make sure that you have at least included the broad term part of your keyword (if you have a long tail one) in it. Not only that username will also be shown in the title of the SERP (in a bracket), which theoretically helps you ranking better; it will also give others a brief idea what your tweets are about. This is particularly true for those who have come across your tweets through twitter page, hashtags, retweets nad reply, which will increase the chance of new followers. Also, more a no brainer your profile is, closer your followers will be to the targeted audience.

Some people may tell you that it won't help much since Google is underscore-sensitive and keywords simply don’t count if it is part of a continuous word. However other search engines like are underscore in-sensitive, which means underscores work just the same as hyphenates. Therefore it is also useful to include your keyword separated by underscores (e.g. sourcesqr_seo) for a better ranking.

Thirdly, your Username will be part of the URL of your Twitter page, and keywords found in a continuous URL (e.g. counts even in Google. You should by now aware how important to use keyword in your Username.

Tip 3: Use Keywords In Your More Info URL Anyway

Some may argue about whether or not optimizing the More Info URL would help Twitter page ranking. Well, I am not quite sure about this one too. Some say it does, some say not. In my point of view, it always helps marketing what's behind the twitter (e.g. a blog, a website, etc.) giving people an option to get to know you, your interest or your business a little more.

So how to make the best out of optimizing the More Info URL then? If you look into some other people's Twitter page, you should notice that the More Info URL is part of the bio on the top right corner page... and that the anchor text is truncated and it is a NOFOLLOW link. Anchor Text will be truncated at 18th character, and since "http://" will be automatically added even if you don't want to, the effective character count you can use will be limited to 10 characters.

Optimizing this one is tricky. In order to make this link count, you should find a way to format your URL so that the keyword will be in the first 10 characters. For those of you who have strong web experience -- YES, you can create a subdomain with your keyword! In short, in means that if the keywrod you want to use is "SEO", then you should create a subdomain "", so then it will appear on your profile as "http://seo.source...". However consider the complexity of optimizing this link only for the keyword juice, it is REALLY up to you if it is justified to do so (I'd say not since it is a NoFollow link, but oh well, you never know what other people may think :P).

I will talk about how to optimize your Twitter Page with One Line Bio and Link Building in 5 Tips To Optimize Your Twitter Page - Part 2.



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Christa: Glad you liked it :)

Christa: Glad you liked it :)

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Really, really useful post! Thanks for contribution
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